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King Office & Media Solutions


*Business Support

*Social Media Management

*Virtual Assistant


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King Office & Media Solutions provides a variety of services to meet your small business needs!


Social Media Management Solutions is my main business focus – but I still love the Admin Work!

Providing professional and affordable Virtual Office and Social Media Business Solutions to help YOU SAVE TIME.

Social media is the perfect tool to increase your online visibility, enabling you to share content and build relationships with new leads and existing customers.

It is a key component of modern-day culture, and so for businesses, it provides an exciting opportunity to grow by reinforcing your brand, services and products.

Not only is social media an incredible promotional tool that can help you reach people you otherwise might not be able to with traditional marketing and advertising practices, maintaining an active social media presence can help strengthen customer service efforts.

Increasing engagement with your business and generating new opportunities for you.

From product launches to sharing company news and running competitions, having a strong presence across multiple digital channels is vital for businesses.

I also offer a full range of administrational business support services, which will help to keep your business extremely efficient.

As an experienced City of London Corporate Personal Assistant for over 10ys, you get all the experience but only pay for the time that you use.

And… you also have the benefits of

NO Sick Pay, NO Holiday Pay, NO Pension,

NO Maternity Leave (trust me on this one!)

NO software licenses, NO insurance, NO equipment, NO overheads, and NO tea bags!

 If this is something you’re struggling with, please get in touch.


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