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Mentor, Life Coach, Trainer, Speaker, Author & FireWalking Instructor

Mala’s mission is to empower people and excel them to the next level. Her motto is:


You can do anything when you put your mind to it. Mind over matter    ~ Mala Shah”


Mala has an incredibly energetic personality in Personal Development. Her extensive experiences as a Speaker, Trainer, and Self Confidence Motivator, amongst other values, mean more value than expected when you attend one of her events. As an outsourced Event manager, Mala has gained diverse experience on what really works. Over the years, Mala has spoken on Personal Development at schools, Universities, Table Crowds, at Women’s Organisations, as well as having been a guest on TV and Radio. She has, and continues, to work with acknowledged celebrities in Personal Development.

She has co-authored several books, on Self Help Development, won the “Best Author Award” in 2015 from African Women in Europe. She has been nominated for other awards, including “Best Life” & “Woman Coach of the Year”.

From a very young age, her main source of Inspiration has come from her father, a dynamic businessperson, who embedded into Mala a life changing thought: “Always aim for the Impossible, so that you achieve far more than anticipated!” It is this attitude that has led Mala, in her 40’s, to achieve a degree in Psychology, while working Full time as a Senior Portfolio Officer, at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development HQ in the City of London.

Mala is an Inspiration to those she meets, regardless of age. She continually seeks to bring out the inner “lion/ lioness” within you, from what she terms “Your Inner Wealth!” She has been a mentor for MBA students at Birkbeck College (University of London), and continues to assist in the NatWest Bank Accelerator Programme for entrepreneurs in business start-ups.

Mala is a certified Fire-Walking Instructor, Master NLP, Master Coach and Mentor, a TrailBlazer Trainer for Mike Dooley’s “Infinite Possibilities” programme, as well as an Empowerment Team Facilitator with activities from Arrow breaking, Fire-walking to Glass Walking. She is the creator of the “C.I.P” model.

You gain access to a wealth of information when you ask Mala to work with you, on Your Plan.


Be Prepared; Be Challenged to Meet the Real You!

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