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Maximizing Your Savings on Utilities

Imagine saving over £500 on your household bills with the help of David Fisher. With these extra funds, the possibilities are endless. For some, it means treating your loved ones to special experiences and memorable moments. For others, it brings a sense of relief, knowing that bills haven’t escalated as much as anticipated.

For more than a decade, we have been introducing individuals to an exceptional, award-winning UK supplier that revolutionizes the way things are done. Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple bills, as our supplier conveniently consolidates all your services into a single, easy-to-manage bill. Enjoy the convenience of a UK call centre and experience consistently great value.

By reducing your expenses on essential purchases, you’ll have more financial freedom to allocate towards the things you truly desire. Whether it’s indulging in your passions, pursuing personal goals, or investing in experiences that enrich your life, David Fisher is here to maximize your savings on utilities and unlock opportunities for a brighter future.

Pamela & David Fisher - Authorised UW partners BNNL Member.png
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As partners with UW, we help people spend less on the things they have to buy, so there’s more to spend on the things they really want.  Get in touch with us so we can show you how you can save a bundle by bundling all your home services together.  We can arrange a short presentation for you, online over the phone or over a coffee, then a quick M.O.T. of your bills to show you how the savings stack up with UW.

UW is a multi-award winning FTSE 250 company (Telecom Plus plc) with over 800,000 happy customers and it’s growing fast.  Regulated by Ofcom, Ofgem and the FCA you’ll be in safe hands.

Like 20 million other people in the UK we have become MIIs – multi-income individuals – and in the current financial squeeze it’s the only way for many people to get through.  There’s just too much month at the end of the money, so a second payday really helps.  We had been looking to start our own business for years, and when a neighbour introduced us to UW we soon realised what we had found.  There is no selling involved, no stock to handle or staff to manage, just helping households save money on the services they already take.

It’s a real WIN | WIN business.

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