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Analytical and Clinical Hypnotherapy. Psychotherapy, NLP,TFT, PSYCH K, Nes Health

Hi I am Karen

I have been working in mental health and wellness for the past 25 years, helping my clients achieve their emotional wellbeing and personal goals.

Along my path I studied many different modalities for health and wellbeing in search of what really works for life change in a minimal time frame enabling my clients to see and feel the affects straight away.

In the field of energy (quantum physics) the human body field and mind can be adjusted quickly using techniques that tap into the negative frequency causing discomfort and changing it to bringing about quick relief.

I am passionate about what I do and have made the business of positive change my life’s work.

The Nes Body Wellness System is tangible proof that everything is energy. The system takes a snap shot of the body field and pin points areas of priority that need attention be it mind or body. Within seconds I can see where adjustments need to be made. Then using the Infoceuticals sending the correct information needed to correct the priorities.

We are in exciting times where medicine is concerned Albert Einstein said….


How very right was he!

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Welcome to Chi beauty salon where your beauty and wellness are our expertise.

we are a unisex salon established now 15 years. we can cater for all your maintenance and  ‘man’ tenance with our essential services such as waxing (hot and strip), nails, tanning & lashes.

We are a specialised skincare clinic and we can treat skin conditions such as

  • acne,
  • rosacea,
  • sensitivity,
  • ageing,
  • pimentation.

We use Caudalie pharmaceutical skincare and Circadia cosmeceutical skincare to achieve your results. we offer hands on and machine based solutions.

Our gadgets include

  • hifu facelifting,
  • caci facelifting,
  • L.E.D light therapy,
  • coollifting instant anti wrinkle treatment,
  • radiofrequency,
  • cryopen skin perfector for  minor skin lesions such as Skin tags, warts, pigmentation and cherry angiomas.

Dermal rollers and skin peels are  also available for the treatment of

  • pigmentation,
  • acne scarring,
  • wrinkles
  • stretch marks
  • general skin revitalising.

For your body concerns, we can achieve your results with

  • radiofrequency,
  • Fat freezing (cryolipolysis),
  • body wraps
  • cellulite treatments.

Stretch marks, loose muscle, loose skin, weightloss and cellulite scan all be targeted and improved.

If wellness is your main concern, we can help you relax and destress with a choice of

  • massages,
  • pampering sensory facials and
  • holistic therapies including aromatherapy, hot stone massage, reiki, reflexology and even pregnancy massage.

As well as our in salon services, we can give you expert advice for your homecare routines to care for your skin, nails, lashes and body.

Investing in good homecare practices will extend the value and results obtained from your salon treatments.

We offer free advice with a friendly smile. The team are highly skilled and experienced, most of whom have been with the company for many years.

Gift vouchers are available to purchase if you wish to treat your loved ones and we have a loyalty scheme where you can collect points to save money off a treatment.


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Hi, thank you for jumping on my listing. Would love to have a chat with you and go through how the LYP can help you feel amazing!

Welcome to the Evolutionss

How can one tiny supplement scare a $130 billion industry? When it’s a supplement taking a completely different approach to aging.

We already know that we age because of the oxidative stress on our cells. Scientists have known for years that antioxidants are the key to reversing the aging process. But the supplement industry wants us to believe that means taking expensive antioxidant supplements or “super fruit” juices. They’re wrong.

While antioxidants help neutralize the free radicals that lead to oxidative stress, just taking more antioxidants can only neutralize one free radical at a time. That’s like trying to bail out a sinking ship with a bucket.

You can take more antioxidants. But we suggest making them. Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer keeps you healthy and strong from the inside out.

The science behind Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer has been proven and validated over and over. And it feels pretty good. Like Protandim, we’re not satisfied with conventional thinking. We believe science can answer some of life’s biggest challenges, and we’re driven by a relentless desire to discover and create more solutions engineered fueled by real results.


  • Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer is a daily food supplement that supports cellular health and well being
  • Science research and literature demonstrate the importance of cellular health
  • The traditional ingredients in Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer have been used to help support health and well being
  • To be used with any healthy diet to support cellular health and general well being


Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer, protected by U.S. patents and contains five potent botanicals. Learn more about each ingredient and their essential role in the science of Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer.

I have been bulding my business for over five years

We dare to imagine an abundant world where both physical and financial health is optimized. We believe your well-being matters. That’s why we’ve combined the cutting-edge re-search of nutrigenomics with a leveraged plan to build your own legacy. Because You Matter™

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In my life, I’ve encountered many obstacles and setbacks, but each of them has brought me to a place of peace, confidence, and happiness. I’m passionate about helping those who have experienced life-changing events break free from limiting patterns. Through mindset work and inner reframing, I guide people to uncover their full potential and empower them to manifest the life they desire.

My own life-altering experience was severe physical abuse from my father, which caused multiple broken bones and blood on the brain, I even had bones and a fractured skull that had mended on their own. The case was taken to Crown court and was publicised in the national press “The riddle of the baby with the broken bones”, but my mother’s decision to leave my father when I was thirteen was a turning point. Her courage and determination broke the cycle of abuse, transforming our family’s path for generations to come.

Despite leading a fulfilling life, I was unaware of how my trauma influenced my decisions, leading my nervous system to function on autopilot. It wasn’t until I learned how to meditate at a Buddhist temple that I started to realise how much fear governed my choices and responses.  I recognised that I had never fully processed the trauma and how it influenced my view of myself and others.

Motivated to break the cycle and leave a positive legacy, I explored various healing modalities, including Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Tantra, Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Neural Energetic Encoding and Wiring, EFT, Clinical Breathwork and SWISH. This journey taught me that our experiences do not define us; we have the power to shift our perspective and create a new reality for ourselves.

As a coach, I believe every experience is an opportunity for growth and transformation. I utilize Neo-Tantric techniques and other modalities to guide my clients towards self-discovery and creating an optimistic inner world that aligns with their values and goals. By shifting their mindset from fear to love, empowerment, and joy, my clients learn to embrace themselves fully, attracting positive energy and people into their lives. This newfound self-love allows them to love the world around them.


Tantric Practitioner / Teacher – Mindset Coach

Hypnosis Practitioner

Clinical Breathwork Coach

EFT Practitioner

Neural Energetic Wiring Practitioner

Reiki Master

Neural Energetic Encoding Practitioner

Crystal Healer – Shamanic Healer

Ceremonial Cacao Practitioner

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